Track: Joker | Artist: Dal Shabet | Album: Joker Is Alive

For every group that attains the level of success fitting to the quality of their music, there’s a dozen more that toil away in that murky grey area between popular and irrelevant. Dal Shabet is one of those groups.

Ever since their debut in 2011, Dal Shabet has struggled to form a coherent fanbase, this in spite of some truly catchy title tracks like Be Ambitious, Have Don’t Have, and the catchiest of them all, Joker. Part of their bad luck can be attributed to the sheer oversaturation of idol groups in the marketplace; they debuted during a time when K-Pop was approaching its initial apex, and every agency and their mother were in the process of debuting their own group to cash in on the wave.

Years of middling success and treading water may have finally caught up to Dal Shabet; the last we heard of them, the members were going their own separate ways, some enlisting with new agencies and others trying their luck at reality programs. I do hope better luck goes their way soon.