Track: I Am Not Alone | Artist: SoRi | Album: I Am Not Alone (single)
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SoRi’s I Am Not Alone is a breath of raw, fresh, emotional air in a K-Pop landscape that often seems suffocated by expectations.


Too much in K-Pop, choreography is shackled by rules and guidelines, bound by the realities of line distribution, group formation, and the television camera. (In some cases, idols may even perform a separate version of choreo specially edited for broadcasts.) Very rarely does choreography exude such confident, raw emotion and evocative, sensual movement as it does in I Am Not Alone, but against all odds, it does.

Maybe SoRi’s background has something to do with the sheer spectacle of I Am Not Alone. Before striking out solo, SoRi used to be part of a duo group called CocoSori—and performed songs like, well, these:

That’s quite a hard pivot, huh? She’s barely recognizable. I like this SoRi much better.

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