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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Honey Tea

Track: Honey Tea | Artist: Oohyo | Album: Honey Tea (single)
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When I was sick as a kid, my mom would sometimes brew a pot of piping-hot yuzu tea, into which she would always squeeze in a dab of honey. Runny nose? Sore throat? General listlessness? Honey tea was the all-in-one cure.


Honey Tea makes me feel twelve years old again, with a mug of tea in my hand and buried under the covers (where I may or may not have been playing Pokémon). I secretly relished those sick days—which kid didn’t?—and so the memory of honey tea and mild fevers and tissues aren’t bad memories for me. Much like this song, they’re nostalgic without pretense; cheerful without saccharine.

Oohyo, real name Ooh Hyo Eun, is a fairly prolific singer-songwriter who specializes in synth-pop. She debuted with her first EP, Girl Sense, in 2014. A quick listen to her debut title track, Vineyard, shows that her musical sensibilities haven’t changed much:

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