K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Heartbreaker

Track: Heartbreaker | Artist: G-Dragon | Album: Heartbreaker
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Okay, I admit it: after listening to Lies over and over for yesterday’s column, I got sucked into a black hole of Big Bang’s music. After a journey through basically their entire discography, I arrived here: the song that put G-Dragon on the map.


Heartbreaker was this Big Bang member’s big breakthrough solo debut, and from the get-go, it was clear that G-Dragon was something special. He would follow up the successful Heartbreaker with more and more experimental and interesting releases; listen to this track, then Untitled, 2014 (his latest), for a decent exercise in aural whiplash. (The good kind.)

In many ways, G-Dragon is the biggest success story out of all five Big Bang members. While all of the men have solo careers to varying degrees of stardom, G-Dragon is by far the most well-known for being his own musician, more than just a “Big Bang member”, and more than just an idol: he’s possibly one of the most well-known celebrities in Korea, universally recognized for his songwriting and producing skills just as much as he is known for his unique brand of eccentricity.

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And he’s the reason I’m turned off by Big Bang now. This song was a Flo Rida Knick-off, cuz of course a major rite of passage in K-pop is to have a plagiarism controversy. Then over the years he got so big and — to me — so pretentious. The army stuff isn’t helping either.