K-Pop Pick Of The Day: First Snow

Track: First Snow | Artist: Ager | Album: First Snow (digital single)
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Here in New York, home of the Kotaku mothership, we just got our first dusting of snow last week. (In November!)


It was a fair bit more than a dusting, actually; it was the kind of snow that makes people stop whatever you were doing and gaze at the flurry for a few seconds, lost in thought. It was the kind of snow that made me look up from my laptop and step into my backyard for a full minute, marveling at the perfect formations of snow steadily building up on every flat surface.

Ager (pronounced with a hard G) is one of the more seasoned Korean indie artists, having debuted in 2015 with Holding Hands. First Snow is his latest release, and it’s the kind of chill, feel-good track that’s perfect for appreciating the falling snowflakes and the crunch of boots on fresh snow—through a window, of course.

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Mud loves everyone except you. You suck

It's pretty nippley here in the hermit kingdom at the moment but no sign of snow in the immediate future. The place is a sea of those parka trench coat thingies though.