K-Pop Pick Of The Day: First Love

Track: First Love | Artist: Epitone Project | Album: Words In The Mind
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Does any song capture all of the shy, timid flutterings of a schoolyard crush as well as First Love does? I’m inclined to say no.


Epitone Project is a one-man band under Kim Sae Jeong, who appears to have debuted around 2006 (as with most indie artists, the exact date is lost to history) and has built a steady repertoire of melancholic, autumn-y tracks along with many collaborations with other Korean indies. If you like First Love, check out Cactus:

Or maybe Dawning:

The music video for First Love stars Suzy, formerly of miss A and currently one of Korea’s most popular actresses, effortlessly portraying the eponymous “first love” role here. In fact, her semi-official title among her fandom (and the general population) is “Korea’s First Love”, a recognition bestowed after her performance in the 2012 romantic drama film Architecture 101. Considering that title, her casting for this music video was a great decision.

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