K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Final Fantasy

Track: Final Fantasy | Artist: Drunken Tiger | Album: The Great Rebirth
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Hey, did you watch Tim Rogers’ latest video in his series on Final Fantasy VII translations? He briefly mentions a K-Pop song (at around 9:15) based on the game’s Cosmo Canyon soundtrack, and didn’t really say much about it except to call it really, really bad.

Well, never fear, because your intrepid social media editor is here to fill in the blanks! The title of this song in Korean can loosely be translated as “A beginning at the end”, which honestly has nothing to do with Final Fantasy (the game) whatsoever, but I guess it’s not as catchy.

Drunken Tiger is one of the cornerstones of modern Korean hip-hop, and I assure you that Final Fantasy is not representative of their music. Here’s one of my favorites, a 1999 track (yep, we’re going way back today) called I Want You:

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Original sample from Van McCoy and The Soul City Symphony - Love Is The Answer in case anyone interested