K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Fantasy

Track: Fantasy | Artist: Pink Fantasy | Album: Fantasy (digital single)
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Pink Fantasy’s latest song, Fantasy, gives me some serious Dreamcatcher-esque, anime-opening vibes. Which is to say: I love it.

This eight-member girl group debuted in 2018 with Iriwa, which was composed and written by Super Junior’s Shindong and hews more closely to the traditional girl group K-Pop sound. I’m glad Pink Fantasy decided to experiment with Fantasy; when the piano really kicks into high gear at 0:37, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a chill. (I love piano, okay?)

If you watch the above video closely, you might notice one member who never reveals her face, wearing a rabbit mask throughout the entire music video. That’s Daewang—real name unknown—who the group claims is a full-fledged member. They’ll reveal her face if Pink Fantasy places on the Billboard charts, they say; while the whole thing comes off as a groan-inducing advertising move (especially considering the wildly unrealistic goal), if Fantasy’s quality is any indication, I’m not writing them off just yet.

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