Track: Don’t Be Shy | Artist: PRIMARY (feat. Choa, IRON) | Album: 2-3

Did you know Korean reggae was a thing? How about Korean reggae with a healthy dose of melancholy? Now, how about Korean reggae... with a healthy dose of melancholy... with a music video featuring Pokémon cards and spooky dolls, of all things?

Reggae is a bit of an experiment for PRIMARY. He’s a prolific Korean hip-hop artist who’s collaborated with practically every other K-hip-hop practitioner out there, including Zion.T, Dynamic Duo and Supreme Team. For Don’t Be Shy, he partnered with AOA’s Choa, who finally gets to do something other than look pretty.

(Anyone catch the names on the Pokémon cards? Pretty sure I saw an OG Pikachu in there, but I can’t be certain...)