K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Deja Vu

Track: Deja Vu | Artist: Dreamcatcher | Album: Raid Of Dream

Dreamcatcher is back again, and once more, they’ve taken a page from the Japanese Anime Opening School Of Music. Not that I’m complaining.


I say once more, because Deja Vu is just the latest in their long line of songs that come from the same pedigree. See also: Chase Me, Good Night (especially this one) and Over The Sky.

Dreamcatcher officially debuted in 2017, although this does come with an asterisk; the majority of the members, minus Handong and Gahyun, were originally a girl group called Minx who actually released their first song all the way back in 2014. (They even recorded a Christmastime collaboration with labelmates Dal Shabet.) However, Minx didn’t get much traction with their done-to-death cutesy concept, and would re-debut as Dreamcatcher with a completely different tone. If you look at Minx’s debut track, they’re barely recognizable as the same girl group:

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