K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Days Without You

Track: Days Without You | Artist: Davichi | Album: &10
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After kicking things off yesterday with a blast from the past, let’s return K-Pop in 2018. Here’s the latest from Davichi, a ballad duo. It’s easy to think of K-Pop as sweet, saccharine bubblegum stuff, but the genre encompasses a pretty wide variety of emotions.


Davichi is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, which is eons compared to the majority of K-Pop acts, so props to them!

I guess I should also point out the music video stars Kang Daniel, who is the “it guy” in Korea right now. He rose to fame through a reality show called Produce 101, which pitted young celeb hopefuls against each other as the audience voted on who would be in the completed idol group. Yeah.

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I feel like Davichi is just getting away now with making very similar songs over and over and over again. At least “8282" was different (although they copied themselves for the following single).

I was surprised to see this not take over the charts — I mean, it’s already out of the Top 20 on Melon — but I guess they’re not really promoting this either.