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K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Gee

Track: Gee | Artist: Girls’ Generation | Album: Gee (EP)
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Hello, Kotaku readers! I’m Seung, your friendly neighborhood social media editor (you can sometimes catch me around Facebook talking about video games).


When I’m not playing video games, I’m listening to K-Pop, and the munificent Kotaku Powers-That-Be have granted me valuable storefront space to share them with you. Let’s start things off with a classic track from the golden age of Girls’ Generation, one of the genre’s watershed artists.

Korean music giant SM Entertainment formed Girls’ Generation in 2007, but they didn’t hit the big time until 2009, thanks to this ear-worm of a track. Nine years later, it still holds up.

Social Media Editor. Please don't tell me a 13-year-old can do my job

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can we not do this please. it’s really sad to see how these people turned out.