Track: Chau Chau | Artist: Deli Spice | Album: Deli Spice
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If you’ve watched any sort of Korean television show in the past ten years, chances are you’re familiar with this 1997 track in some form or another.


Deli Spice is a pioneer of modern Korean indie rock, bringing light to this genre at a time when the commercialization of mainstream, produced K-Pop was fully underway. Chau Chau is one of those songs that are perfect for brightening those dreary morning commutes (in fact, I listened to it this morning on the train), or, depending on your circumstance, for cheering you up at the end of a long, stressful day.

It’s not a particularly deep song — the lyrics are two sentences, repeated over and over:

I keep hearing your voice

No matter how much I try to block it

(Which is basically me when it comes to my neighbors.)


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