Track: Bonamana | Artist: Super Junior | Album: Bonamana

Every K-Pop fan has that one song that sucked them in. I have three. For the next three columns, I’ll be sharing them with you. This is the first: Super Junior’s 2010 release, Bonamana.

I still vividly remember playing this music video over and over, entranced at their precise footwork. K-Pop prides itself on taking idol group coordination to a whole new level; Super Junior was one of the earliest acts to really make that aspect a selling point.

Music and dancing aside, Super Junior has a long and winding history nearly worthy of a K-drama in itself, filled with near-fatal car accidents, bloody fanwars, and political intrigue (if you want to rile up a Super Junior fan, ask them about Han Geng). Despite all of the drama, though, they’ve put out a steady stream of music that ranges from merely good to era-defining.