K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Bomb Bomb

Track: Bomb Bomb | Artist: KARD | Album: Bomb Bomb (digital single)
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It would be too easy to say that KARD’s latest track is—*coughs*—the bomb, but when a song absolutely slaps as much as this one does, I really can’t think of a better descriptor. Bomb Bomb is unquestionably the bomb.


Bomb Bomb might be one of the best party songs that K-Pop has put out in recent memory. I can totally see a warehouse party insert this Spanish-influenced track into their rotation for the night, especially among the trendy Brooklyn nightclubs (if any trendy Brooklyn nightclubs are reading this, you know what to do).

The instrumental drops for the chorus at 1:04 and 2:00 are particularly evocative, especially combined with the powerful yet restrained choreography and the video’s red-accented aesthetics. I also adore the music video’s pre- and post- song atmospheric instrumentals; they strongly remind me of the soundtrack to one of my favorite games of all time, 1999's Homeworld:

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Burt Macklin

This is pretty great and catchy! Thanks!

Not enough K-Pop Co-Ed Groups out there so I’m glad this group’s song is pretty good.

Also, I’ve mistakenly looked for Running Man’s Jeon So-Min in this music video only to realize it was a different Jeon So-Min... whoops...