Track: Blue Moon | Artist: Kyungri | Album: Blue Moon (single)
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There are two instances of Blue Moon as a proper noun. One is a resoundingly mediocre beer that college seniors buy when they take their first steps into microbreweries. The other is this. Rest assured, this is not resoundingly mediocre.

Kyungri has been one of the most popular and most well-known of all of the Nine Muses members (or, at least, since Sera’s departure), so fans weren’t too surprised at the news that she would be breaking away to release her own solo track apart from the rest of her group. What was surprising to many—including myself—was how much her solo release hew to the same cloth as her prior releases as part of Nine Muses.


If you compare this 2018 release to the group’s most recent release in 2017 with Love City, they’re practically the same track, thematically speaking—this one a little slower tempo, possibly in a lower key, but still evoking the same emotions. As with most Nine Muses-affiliated releases, the visual direction of the music video is on point; K-Pop is an intensely visual medium (despite music being at its core) across all artists, and Nine Muses embodies that focus better than most other groups.

Considering that Nine Muses is down to five members at the time of this writing (from a peak of twelve), it’s safe to say that they won’t be coming back anytime soon, or at least, in the way that we know Nine Muses to be. If the group is destined to end, Blue Moon is a great encore to leave on.

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