Track: Bingle Bangle | Artist: AOA | Album: Bingle Bangle
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When a music video is themed to video games, you bet your behind I’m going to be featuring it. It being catchy AF is just a bonus.


Bingle Bangle is AOA’s first comeback in one and a half years, and their first since they lost Choa, arguably their most charismatic and most well-known member behind Seolhyun. Choa’s loss is keenly felt here, but the rest of the members do an admirable job of stepping up to partially fill that huge gaping hole she left behind in the lineup.

I’m a bit confused as to how the actual “game” in the video works, though... it looks like it’s an early 90's isometric RPG, with some kind of cooking Diner Dash-esque mechanic mixed with a Dance Dance Revolution-style mini game of sorts.


And those angel wings look incredibly overpowered; the gameplay has to be unbalanced, one would think. 7.8/10, would not play.

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