K-Pop Pick Of The Day: All Night

Track: All Night | Artist: Soyou (feat. Sik-k) | Album: RE:FRESH
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Out of all former Sistar members, Soyou has probably been the most successful at striking out on her own, thanks to a robust pre-breakup solo and collaboration discography that set the baseline for her continuing success in K-Pop.


The Latin/jazz inspiration in All Night is clear from its opening chords and makes me wish that K-Pop artists would take some more pages from this incredibly versatile genre. (And, to be honest, I’m a sucker for any song that starts out with a piano chord progression.)

This song and its album RE:FRESH marks Soyou’s second solo comeback since Sistar’s dissolution in May of 2017, following December’s RE:BORN album. Even prior to her solo debut, Soyou had one of K-Pop’s biggest surprise hits in modern history with Some, her wonderfully feel-good duet with Junggigo, as well as other popular one-off solo releases. It came as no surprise when it turned out she had staying power beyond just her status as a member of Sistar.


As one of two former members to re-sign with their agency (the other being Dasom), Starship Entertainment, following the group’s breakup, and already packing a successful solo debut under her belt, her future in K-Pop’s future seems assured—which is great news for us.

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