Track: Abing Abing | Artist: Orange Caramel | Album: Abing Abing (single)
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One of the more interesting quirks of K-Pop is the brand endorsements. Many of these deals between brands and artists go beyond mere commercial appearances and lip service at events, blossoming into full-fledged song releases—often touting some form of fried chicken or a cell phone.


When done well, brand songs can join artists’ discographies with its head held high—Girls’ Generation’s Chocolate Love comes to mind—and when done badly, fans often like to forget they even exist. For the sake of balance, I’m giving Girls’ Generation’s Visual Dreams as an example of the latter. (Seriously, it’s so bad.)

Fortunately, Orange Caramel’s Abing Abing is one of the former examples. Released in partnership with Baskin-Robbins and their desire to push their lineup of shaved ice desserts, Abing Abing is a cheerful summer song that also fortuitously lined up with the group’s bright, offbeat image, making this one of the more successful brand endorsement songs.


Considering the heat wave blanketing most of America right now, we could all go for some shaved ice. Oh no, did we just play into Baskin-Robbins’ long-term marketing goals? Curse you, addictive and well-produced South Korean music!!

This is Orange Caramel week, an entire week dedicated to discussing one of the more fascinating girl groups to ever exist in K-Pop. (And, incidentally, one of my favorites.)

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