K-Pop Pick Of The Day: A Long Dream

Track: A Long Dream | Artist: SE SO NEON | Album: A Long Dream (single)
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SE SO NEON is one of the most interesting Korean indie artists active today. Just look at this gorgeous music video, which is reason enough to feature it for today’s pick.


The music video for A Long Dream was created by German-Japanese artist Hoji Tsuchiya, via a painstakingly labor-intensive stop-motion process. The simplistic visuals complement Hwang So Yoon’s lead vocals and her signature raspiness.

Together with Moon Fancy (Moon Jae Wan) on bass and Kangto on drums, they formed the band in 2016 but didn’t officially release A Long Dream, their first single, until 2017. The band name SE SO NEON (새소년) came from a popular 1980s Korean youth magazine of the same name, and the first word—SE—could mean either “new” or “bird”, which combined with the latter half—“young man”—evokes thoughts of optimism on the horizon.


If you like A Long Dream, you owe it to yourself to check out the rest of the group’s (short) discography—my personal favorite is I’m Watching A Loneliness Just Arisen:

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