K-pop Music Video Didn't Include Japan On A World Map

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In TVXQ’s latest music video, a woman on TV is shown standing in front of a world map that depicts an airplane making a journey from South Korea. However, the map was missing Japan, causing the group’s label to take down the video and make a correction.


Here is how the sequence originally appeared in TVXQ’s “Love Line” video.



K-pop fans seemed surprised by the omission.


It was later corrected so that Japan was included on the world map.

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Screenshot: SMTOWN

According to WoW Korea, the group’s label SM Entertainment issued the following statement: “We determined that this mistake was CG editing problem by the production company FantazyLab. We are truly sorry that to those who experience uncomfortable feelings and that we didn’t check it in advance.”

This isn’t the first time of late that Japan has been left out on a Korean created world map. Earlier this year, for example, South Korea’s Winter Olympic map also did not include Japan.


TVXQ! is massively popular in Japan, where it’s known as Tohoshinki and releases music in Japanese, so while online commenters might allege that their country was left out on purpose, I certainly doubt the group’s members had any knowledge of this oversight until it was too late.


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Kojima Yoshiyuki

As someone who works in graphic design I cant really see this happening without some kind of active intent. When you want to pull up a world map you grab a stock vector map, its not something you make from scratch. it should just be a simple copy and paste.