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Welcome to the October 2010 edition of K Monthly, a look back at some of the best original video game coverage, including reviews, previews, features, and weekly columns, from Kotaku—plus an all-new look at the future of Kinect for the Xbox 360.


We spoke to two of the men behind the Xbox 360's new hands-free gaming controller for a peek into Microsoft's plans to bring voice recognition and motion control to everything, from cars to PCs to phones to the military. Read our K Monthly exclusive feature here.


Don't miss our coverage of BlizzCon 2010 for the latest on World of Warcraft and Diablo III. And fall in love with computer games all over again with our PC Gaming Week special.


October 2010


The Future of Kinect: How Microsoft Plans To Put A Video Game Controller In Everything

by Brian Crecente

Illustration for article titled K Monthly - October 2010

Microsoft is spending half a billion dollars to make sure that when you hear the word Kinect you think "the future of video games."

But Microsoft believes that the real potential for the voice recognition, motion-based technology is how they plan to use it with cell phones, computers and perhaps in the military and health industries. Read more about The Future of Kinect




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