Justin Carmical, a YouTube personality who, under the name "JewWario," posted instructional videos on importing and playing Japanese video games on western consoles, died on Thursday. Carmical's wife said on Facebook that he took his own life; he was 42.

"You all made him so happy, every time he was recognized from his videos, it made him giddy with joy," Jenny Carmical said in this posting. She said he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Justin Carmical's JewWario channel dated to 2006; he had more than 10,000 subscribers. He frequently appeared in a Wario hat to discuss games released in Japan and how to import and play them despite their language barrier. His most recent video, on Jan. 21., showed how to use the PS Vita TV feature in a Japanese-region PSN account with English language options. This kind of advice was his speciality, both on YouTube and at his website, YouCanPlayThis.com.

Kotaku extends its condolences to Carmical's family, loved ones and friends.


Image via hardcoregamer.com