Justify Your Game: Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST may have been made in 14 months, but can Brian Jarrard justify it in 30 seconds?


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Point 1: Why not? It's a whole new story with a whole new hero.

Opinion: That would make a great selling point, wouldn't it? New story + new hero = You'll love it!

Point 2: This is a different Halo game that you're used to, but it's still the great underlying stuff that...uh, roughly 25 million people have enjoyed over the past few years.

Opinion: Uh oh! He's entered Morhaime territory! If you can't think of reasons of your own that makes your own game appealing to the potential masses of gamers who have never played Halo, just do what the CEO of Blizzard does. Use big numbers to hopefully wow your audience. It's not the game that matters, it's how many people that bought the previous games.

Point 3: We've got two new weapons. You like the Halo 1 pistol? It's back again. This new magnum is a beast at taking down grunts with headshots.

Opinion: So, it's technically 1 new weapon and 1 old weapon brought back. And nothing spells awesome more than the very first weapon you start out with in the game than a magnum you can aim at someone's head. Lasers? Rocket launchers? Fusion pistols? Portal guns? Next thing you know he'll be talking about how great your fists are at punching people in the face.

Point 3: We've got a brand new four-player cooperative game mode 'fire fight'. Super fun over Xbox live.

Opinion: What is fire fight? Don't know. But what we do know is that it's super fun over Microsoft's trusted Xbox live server!

Point 4: The Halo breach multiplayer Beta.

Opinion: That does make for a great justification on a game, doesn't it? A beta for a multiplayer scenario. NOT the multiplayer scenario itself, but the fact there's a Beta of it going on right now and it will be rendered totally obsolete when the game comes out.

Point 5: And 24 new maps for Halo 3!

Opinion: Best point in the entire 30 second duration because he doesn't brag about it and it leaves you thinking how special these maps can be. Unfortunately he screws it up because he didn't say it quickly enough to meet the justifiable time.

Big red X justified? Totally. :)