Just To Be Clear — NBA Jam's Wii Version Has No Online Multiplayer

Not shocking news, but apparently it hadn't been put on the record yet, and some folks were wondering if NBA Jam for the Wii would have online multiplayer support over the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Answer: No.

EA Sports Vancouver confirmed it today, but I swear I'd heard it before. Maybe it's because of the Wi-Fi connection's poor reputation for this sort of thing that I assumed it wouldn't be supported. NHL Slapshot, the Wii hockey title also made by EA Vancouver, also does not have online multiplayer. That said, EA Sports' current Wii versions of Madden NFL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and last year's Grand Slam Tennis do.


Online multiplayer is absolutely a feature of the NBA Jam version that comes free with a one-use download code in retail copies of NBA Elite 11 on the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, that version will not have the Remix Tour, which supplies boss battles and unique challenges in single and - local - cooperative multiplayer modes.

All versions of the game will use the same lineup of players, secret characters, and NBA Legends.

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