This is A Maze, a piece by artist Marco Iannicelli. Itā€™s a game made of solid marble, so for once you canā€™t complain about the build quality.

Via Design Milk, he calls it ā€œthe worldā€™s first both analogue and electric gaming console in marbleā€, the technicality being that while youā€™re controlling a typically analogue experience (the game is a ball maze), itā€™s actually moved via a joystick and electronics.

ā€œThis game device removes the boundary between space and time for the userā€, Iannicelli says of his creation. ā€˜A Mazeā€™ playfully illustrates the complexity of the space-time continuum and makes it understandable and tangible.ā€

Cool, cool, but Iā€™m mostly here for that marble. More game machines out of marble, please. Maybe a Neo Geo. Or a PSx re-release, which would be perfect.