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Advertising and branding specialists Millward Brown have released their annual chart detailing the 100 most valuable "brands" in world commerce. The list takes into account not just a company's income, but it's reputation as well.

The 2011 list includes all three video game platform holders, with Microsoft in fifth spot (though no doubt its PC software accounts for much of that), Sony in 85th position (and that's with special mention made for the lure of the PS3, PS2 and PSP) and perhaps most impressively Nintendo at 79, because all Nintendo makes is games and consoles, not expensive flat-screen TVs.


In Millward Brown's own words, the ranking "analyzes the world's leading brands and the economic and competitive dynamics that influence value fluctuations." In other words, Apple is in top spot not because it makes the most money, but because it makes a lot of money and a lot of people think it's cool.

Other high-ranking companies on the list were Google in second, IBM in third and McDonalds in fourth.

You can check out the complete list, and argue with your friends over whether Pampers deserved its lofty spot or not, at the link below.

Brandz Rankings [Millward Brown]

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