Just How Straight Are FFXIII's First Five~Six Hours?

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Pretty dang straight! We've already posted a few images of the linear path players can expect in Final Fantasy XIII. Let's see how that pans out over the game's first six hours. Spoilers ahead.


This map appeared on the Japanese internet and is pieced together of the various sections players will apparently encounter in the game's first 5 or 6 hours. We cannot yet confirm this, however.


The first six hours of the game consists of the title's first 3 chapters — players are just starting to dip their toe in the title. They've got a long game ahead of them.

The beginning of the game is on rails, which can be explained in part because a small bit of it takes place on a bridge. But even up to the boss fight, it's straight as an arrow.

However, after that boss fight, the map starts to move and becomes slightly more dynamic. Still, the first 5 or 6 hours are not incredibly difficult to understand. That, however, could very well be point. These linear dungeons might be a design choice on Square Enix's part so that players can focus on the new combat system and the story and not have to worry about where they need to go.

Illustration for article titled Just How Straight Are FFXIIIs First Five~Six Hours?

FF13の序盤5〜6時間はずっと一本道MAP!? [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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Ok, once again:

Have any of you actually played a Final Fantasy game before? They are virtually ALL like this. In the beginning, you go where the game wants you to go. Little by little, it gets more open. By the end of the game, you can go anywhere you want.

Par for the course and exactly what I expect from Final Fantasy. This is part of what makes FF what it is. Next we'll see people complaining about random battles, androgynous characters, long cut-scenes and pre-rendered graphics again. I mean seriously, yawn. Is this 2009 or 1995? Because we hear these same complaints about this series endlessly. News flash: it's not going to change.