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Just Cause's Grapple Gun Is Exactly What Grand Theft Auto V Needed

Anyone who called Grand Theft Auto V a perfect game before the release of this Just Cause 2 grapple gun mod is a lying liar who lies.


As seen in the video below from GTA X Scripting (via GameSpot), modder JulioNIB has given PC GTA V players the most entertaining accessory of all time. It’s a simple grapple gun, shooting out and reeling in. It’s a tether gun, allowing players to connect one thing to annother, like a cop car to a police helicopter. And since GTA V’s already got parachute’s handy, Just Cause 2’s grapple/parachute combo travel is only a download away.

Future iterations of the mod aim to allow players to hijack cars and helicopters by tethering to them, so it’s really the gift that keeps on giving. Grab the mod here, and then never grab things with your hands again.

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i really wouldnt trust the opinion of anyone who called any gta “prefect” it does what it does well and has a well built world, but I always felt the combat was bare minimum third person shooter. saints row with superpowers or sleeping dogs with the fluid martial arts combat make far more complete gameplay experiences.