Sandbox action game Just Cause 2 was a blast to play solo, but sadly shipped without any kind of multiplayer. No matter. Fans of the game's PC edition have whipped up a version that lets a reported 600 people play it at once. On the same island.


The results are predictably...insane. Note that this is a fan-made thing, and is still in testing, so probably has a wys to go yet before it's "done". Still. Even what's on show here looks great.

The footage above was captured during a test run for the mod held over the weekend. 10,000 players took part in all, an average of over 400 new players every hour, with a peak server load apparently topping out at 1300+ players (I'm not sure if they were all on the same map or not...I'd be surprised if they were).


You can check in on the mod at the links below.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Impressions 1 [YouTube, thanks Doug!, thanks Reddit!]

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer [Site]

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