Just Because He Made Pokémon: Black And White Doesn't Mean He Caught Them All

Junichi Masuda directed Pokémon: Black and White. And you'd think that would mean he's caught them all. Nope.

"I've still got a long way to go," Masuda told Gamespot. "My adventure is going to continue. I kind of play it a bit slower than other people. I've still got a lot of Pokemon to catch."


Masuda began work on the Pokémon way back in the very beginning working on Pokémon Red and Blue. Besides directing Pokémon games, he also composes music for the games. This probably makes him too busy to, you know, catch them all.

Behind the Games: Junichi Masuda Game Director of Pokemon Black/White (DS) [GameSpot via Official Nintendo Magazine] [Pic]

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thoughts on catching them all...

do you actually have to catch every single one in every single game?

or does it still count if you only catch pokemon in their respective regions/generations?

i'll still have caught them all, just over a bunch of different games, right?