Just A Couple Slimes

Welcome back to the workweek, Kotaku readers. I know. Bummer. But we're back from Comic-Con, better rested and in possession of two new Slimes. That, ladies and gentlemen, represents the entirety of my Comic-Con haul. Did you fare any better?

Granted, I did walk away with a free book and one free Team Fortress 2 gun (or at least a download code for the thing), but I wasn't big on spending at this year's annual geek convention. Sure, there were plenty of toys, figurines and comic books that I wanted to buy, but I've already got enough plastic crap. With the exception of two Dragon Quest slimes that is.


You can use this thread as a sounding board, a place to brag about sweet loot you acquired or just a place to make some conversation. Or you can enjoy the following links. Look, I'm not the boss of you. Do want you want, man.

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