Junji Ito Manga Continues To Inspire Freaky Cosplay

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Image: suksuk_z
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Junji Ito has created some of the most striking horror manga ever made. His style is instantly recognizable and keeps inspiring cosplayers who aim to bring his nightmares to life.

As Kotaku previously posted (here and here), cosplayer Ikura is a master of Ito horror cosplay.

But she’s not alone. Twitter user Suksuk_z is the latest to do an unsettlingly accurate take on Ito’s work. Below, she cosplays as Tomie Kawakami.


And Unholivera as Tomie: Again.

Among other talented cosplyers.


Excellent and scary.

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I am absolutely convinced that this guy’s Spiral comic is just one small town’s story in the 80's cartoon Spiral Zone.