Junior High Kid Arrested in a Great Condom Caper

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Earlier this year, four junior high school students apparently broke into a shuttered love hotel. Love hotels are the Japanese equivalent of "no tell motels", where couples can meet for trysts. They typically offer complimentary condoms.

These four junior high students supposedly stole a huge amount of unused rubbers from a shutdown love hotel. One of the four, a fourteen year-old junior high student, was arrested today for stealing around 1,300 condoms.

Police are planning to arrest the remaining three students.

On the day of the robbery, a cop stopped the students. While questioning the teens, he discovered their loot: an enormous quantity of condoms.


It's not known whether the teenagers hoped to sell the condoms or just fantasize about using them. All of them.

高校生、コンドーム大量窃盗疑い 和歌山市内のラブホテルから [47news]

(Top photo: Feng Li/Staff | Getty)

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Lol 1,300 condoms sounds too precise, did the police actually have someone sit down and count them? Or did the child know the exact number and fessed up when the officer questioned him?