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Jumpstart Your Heart With A Wii Remote

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Can the Wii remote save lives? The American Heart Association is betting on it, pledging $50,000 to fund a student project that uses Nintendo's TV killer to teach CPR.

Associate professor of biomechanical engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Greg Walcott came up with the idea for a computer program that uses the wireless technology of the Wii remote to help teach proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques. The student team working on the program aim to have the program available for free download via the American Heart Association website this fall.

"The Heart Association's high interest in our students' innovations points to potential of this project and how it fits in with its desire to deliver reliable CPR education to the masses," faculty adviser Jack Rogers said.


The problem here is that this is a computer program and not a Nintendo Wii application, so the masses could largely ignore it. Perhaps Nintendo could reach out to help, offering the finished program as a free download to the console? You never know.

CPR to be taught via Nintendo Wii game]