Jumpgate Special Edition Is Full Of Stars

The special edition box set for NetDevil's Jumpgate: Evolution certainly doesn't suffer from a lack of space and space by-products.

Discovered by a curious reader via a product listing at UK retailer Game's website, the Special Edition of Jumpgate: Evolution is packed with exactly the sort of things you'd expect to find in the special edition of a massively multiplayer online game. Galactic map? Check. Art book? Check. Official soundtrack? Check. It's one of the most by-the-book MMO special editions we've seen, right down to the 5 buddy postcards and the 2 in-game items, the experience enhancing Stella Ensign and Stella Citation.


No word yet on whether or not this £39.99 special edition will be coming to the states. I'm sure NetDevil will let us know if and when they're good and ready.

Jumpgate Special Edition [Game - Thanks CrowGoblin!]

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