Fencing Game Nidhogg Is Getting A Sequel With A Very Different Look

Indie game favorite Nidhogg will look less abstract in its newly announced 2017 sequel. Developers Messhoff just revealed the game, titled... Nidhogg II, with a trailer and some PR-provided bullet points:

- Completely overhauled detailed environments and animations

- 10+ levels of fencing goodness

- Local and online multiplayer and tournament mode

- Play single-player against a series of AI opponents with occasional special challenge rounds

- New soundtrack featuring music by Mux Mool, Dose One, Daedelus and more!

The developers are promising “The same fast-paced hilarious stabby action you’re use to from the first Nidhogg, with more weapons, more music, more levels… and MORE FUN!”

Here’s a GIF:


Here’s what the first Nidhogg looked like:

And here’s your author and the original game’s developers in 2011, just for kicks:

A press release for the new sequel states that Nidhogg II is “coming to PC and maybe some other platforms” next year.

Note: The original headline for this story described the game as a Jousting game when it’s clearly a Fencing game. The headline has been changes and the author has been properly skewered.

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This art style has me feeling...conflicted.