Journey Down to a New Adventure Game in March

Despite my oft-professed love for classic adventure games and new iterations on the genre, The Journey Down slipped completely under my radar until this week.


The original game, which has always been described as chapter one in an episodic adventure, is a small, free PC download. However, indie developer SkyGoblin has recently announced an HD remake of this first chapter as a commercial release and made this teaser trailer available.

The Journey Down: Chapter One's new version sharpens up the lush visuals, adds voice acting and some extra content to the story, and supports additional platforms. In addition to PC and Mac, chapter one (and, one hopes, further entries in the series) will be available for iOS and Android.


The developers' blog details much of the process they've gone through in order to revamp their point-and-click adventure for their anticipated March release, as well as occasionally discussing the inspirations and thought processes behind their uncommon setting and art design.

The Journey Down [SkyGoblin]

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That totally reminds me, what ever happened to this game's sequel?

I thought it had a lot of potential and then it sorta dropped from existence.