Joss Whedon 'Endorses' Mitt Romney, Harbinger Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Leave it to Avengers director/Buffy-creator Joss Whedon to surprise us all with his presidential endorsement.


You'd think, given his liberal leanings, that he'd be all about Barack, but no; he's a Romney man. Though, not for the reasons you might think.



It boggles the mind as to how people would reelect Obama after what he did. He claimed to "increase jobs", while forgetting that jobs loss was at the same level as increase. He claims to be all for women's rights, while he is pretty much demoting them to nothing but sexual organs and nothing else. He claims to back Israel, even though during his Presidency, he did NOT visit it, and actually backed Egypt, Libya, and Iran more than he did for Israel. He claimed to have better national defense, but our Marines and other troops are dying at a far higher rate than they were under Bush's watch. He claimed that the economy was "strong", but there are high gas prices, a weak dollar, companies failing, and failed "stimulus" plans that may have deepened the recession. He claimed to kill Osama Bin Laden, but only gave to go to for a team of SEALs to kill him after denying it three times prior. He claimed that his presidency would unite America, while in fact, it gave birth to the Tea Party, and Occupy Wall Street (with the latter resorting to extreme violence, vandalism, and other illegal tactics in which Obama ENDORSED).

Obama is NOT the man for the job.