Jon Snow's Sword Remade, Goes On A Smashing Rampage

This is a weird one from master swordsmith Man At Arms, because he's normally making real versions of swords that don't actually exist. But Game of Thrones being what it is, there already is a version of Jon Snow's Longclaw. It's the one he uses in the show.


But hey, whatever, the world needs more swords! And Jon Snow is always killing actors with his. This version smashes up goblets.

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Makes a super basic sword then proceeds to break glass with it. SO FUCKING HARDCORE!

Seriously though, why do they usually go for the most uninspired, lame and tame weapons out there? And when they do something different, it's not done well, like Cloud's sword. I get that this guy is mainly a prop maker but as much skill as he clearly has, you would think he would do...crazier stuff besides listening to randoms on youtube or twitter about their next "great" aka shit suggestion of what he should make. Basically all he has done is listen to mainstream, popular picks for choices from his fans.

Do something different, do something we won't expect. I have a talwar that has an insane design, totally out of this world, like nothing I had ever seen before. No, it's nothing that Link uses and you most likely won't find it in Skyrim, but it looks cool as fuck and that's what I was hoping this guy would do more of once his series got so popular. Guess he's content with the mundane and taking lame suggestions. :/ Shame.