Three things we have never done: Won seven Grand Slam tennis titles, married Tatum O'Neal or played a video game version of ourselves. John McEnroe has done all three.

(Though, we have played tennis once, watched Paper Moon and do enjoy video games.)

When Electronic Arts interviewed John McEnroe — yeah, we know — about the game he appears in for EA, the temperamental tennis superstar replied that simulating playing tennis moves Grand Slam Tennis closer to actual tennis. Especially if you play it outside on a grass court while wearing combat boots. Combat boots only add to the realism.

"I think the more that you can simulate actually playing the game, the more that you may be actually playing, which would ultimately be nice, as a tennis player to see, but also feel like you're able to emulate and copy the strokes of your favorite players," McEnroe said. "I think it makes it more fun and a better experience for who plays, whether it's the players themselves going 'hey I'm pretty good playing myself' or one of my kids or some other kid that's going to do it."


John McEnroe, tennis great, father, pretty good playing himself.

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