John Madden is a professional american-football-man, broadcastist and screen scribbler, he's also a complete maniac. You see, John doesn't just love a good game of football, no.

He Loves Smashing Through Stuff

John is at his happiest while smashing through chalkboards. A lesser man would die from his injuries - but no, not John, he couldn't be happier with smashing his cranium through a hard wood board.

Not Just A One Trick Pony


John (or Mr Footballist to his friends) isn't content with merely crashing his way through physical objects with wild abandon, he's perfectly happy smashing his way through this very website.

Health Fitness Freak


The "Don of football" takes his health seriously; smashing through things is serious business. That's why when John wants a good time obliterating perfectly good pieces of paper, he only drinks light beer.