John Carmack is Down on 720p, Wants 1080p for Next-Gen Consoles

Today's high-end gaming consoles can play games in 1080p resolution, but many Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games still run at 720p or less. The average person may not see a difference, but the graphics-minded co-creator of Doom does.


Yesterday, the legendary programmer Tweeted:

Targeting 1080P for next gen consoles brings pixel precision back to relevance. Almost every display screws with 720P.

Your HD TV can probably run it. The question is whether your consoles can without sacrificing framerate and whether it'll make a difference. Carmack believes it will. Maybe the next Xbox should be called the 1080 and not the 720?

Id's John Carmack Shooting for 1080p, Is an Alpha Nerd [GameTrailer's Side Mission blog]

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