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Joe Danger Coming to iOS, Bringing Shark Wrestling With It

Illustration for article titled emJoe Danger /em Coming to iOS, Bringing Shark Wrestling With It

Slowly but surely, Hello Games' lovable stuntman Joe Danger keeps making his way to new platforms. After debuting on PS3 and then hitting Xbox 360 last year, the Super Dave of video games will be defying death on iPads and iPhones soon.


A Gamasutra interview with Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray offers up some details on how the dev studio decided to bring the motorcyle-riding hero to Apple's handhelds, as well as explaining how the controls will work:

I think games that people love on the iPhone have something in common, their controls are made for the device. Swiping in Temple Run, slashing fruit in Fruit Ninja or pulling back a catapult in Angry Birdsare controls that are best on a touchscreen. I hate the virtual d-Pad, it never feels right to me. It feels like something that only exists to make porting games easier.

Joe Danger is a game with a lot of depth to the controls. We want to make very much an arcade game on your mobile. You swipe the screen to make Joe wheelie, you nudge him in the air to affect his gravity, you can flick a barrier out of the way, or wrestle with the shark in the shark tank. You have such control that levels that would be impossible on console are much easier on the touchscreen.


The portable version of Joe Danger's also being built for Android devices, too, but Hello Games will only be showing the iOS build of the game at PAX East this weekend.

A 'very different' Joe Danger headed to iOS [Gamastura]

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Having played Joe Danger quite extensively, I really don't see how touch control would make any levels EASIER, but okay, if they say so.

Game is fun. You should get it on a console, though.