Jimmy Fallon Pulls A Kinect Oprah

Xbox 360 Kinect's third appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon features Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda without sunglasses, the Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev playing Dance Central, and ends with everybody in the audience scoring a Kinect bundle.

Kinect first appeared on Fallon's show last year as Project Natal, where it performed admirably. It's second appearance back in June of this year didn't go quite as smoothly, with noticeable lag between the players and Kinect Adventures.


This time everything went smoothly, with Jimmy playing a little Kinect Sports volleyball with Kudo before busting a move with Dance Central.


The segment concludes by making everyone watching at home completely jealous, even if they didn't want to buy Kinect in the first place. Hmph.

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If Kinect can make it big with the casual market, I see it being

built into the next Xbox console. That can make for some serious

competition with Kinect to please the casual market, powerful

hardware with a bluray drive and WiFi, and LIVE.

Sony and Nintendo may have their hands full with the next Xbox

alone. I've got to give M$ credit where it's due, they're really

position their box as the all encompassing console. Well... as long

as the future hardware isn't shitty that is.