Jimmy Fallon is No Match for Reggie in Metroid Blast

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Before working the line at Nintendo World's Wii U campout, Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime went back on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to show off the new console and play a couple of games, Metroid Blast in NintendoLand, and New Super Mario Bros. U.


Reggie's good at both games, which is refreshing to see; he has no problem taking out Fallon with a standard Wii remote and Nunchuck, as Fallon tries to get the hang of controlling a tank with the Wii U GamePad. In New Super Mario Bros. U Reggie sticks the landing atop the flagpole.


Fallon's been a go-to show for those plugging new games, and he's enthusiastic about everything he gets to play, so take his advocacy with a grain of salt here. New Super Mario Bros. U does look fun, though. Maybe I'll go buy some clothes at Old Navy to get my hands on a free one on Black Friday.

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I wish I was as excited for the Wii U as Fallon seems to be.