Jimmy Fallon Gets the First PS4 Hands On

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, talk show host Jimmy Fallon checked out the new PS4 controller and Killzone: Shadow Fall.


Fallon plays through the Shadow Fall demo as does comedian Anthony Anderson. Fallon shoots up a wall, while Anderson unleashes on a bunch of... air conditioners?

PlayStation 4 Demo of Killzone: Shadow Fall [YouTube]



Now this is strange. Some of these parts of the demo are play-for-play the same (shooting the guy, the jump kill, etc.)...but then there are parts where people are obviously playing.

My only hypothesis is that those events were scripted so that the playtester couldn't screw them up, and going in between them was actual real play.

REGARDLESS, the most important thing we got out of this video is confirmation that Killzone: Shadow Fall was indeed running in real-time on the hardware. I think this will put a lot of people at ease, and it sure leaves me impressed.