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Jimmy Fallon Fails To Play 10 Game Consoles In 60 Seconds

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jimmy Fallon had 10 game consoles set in front of him on Late Night yesterday. He tried to claim a world record by playing each in 60 seconds. Officially, he fell short. But did he really? Watch and decide.

(Jump a few minutes in to see the feat, past the guy slapping the other guy in the face with pizza.)

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The games in play were:

NES - The Legend of Zelda
Sega Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Nintendo - Donkey Kong Country
Sega Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi
Nintendo 64 - Star Fox 64
PlayStation - Tomb Raider
PlayStation 2 - Katamari Damacy
Xbox - Halo
PlayStation 3 - Street Fighter IV
Wii - Tiger Woods PGA Tour (year unknown)
Xbox 360 - Madden NFL (year unknown)

URDB World Records: Pizza Slaps, Video Game Consoles, and Honey Nut Cheerio Face! [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Thanks, Krakenstein!]