Jimi Hendrix Confirmed For Guitar Hero

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It's been confirmed by Jimi Hendrix's estate that several of his tracks will be appearing in the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour. Janie Hendrix - who oversees the late guitar god's estate - says that after originally being unable to locate a ton of master tracks (indicating, perhaps, this deal's been in the works for quite some time?), they've now been found, and promptly made available to Neversoft. Three of the songs mentioned are Purple Haze, Foxy Lady & Little Wing. Janie says of the deal "Guitar Hero really was on the ball and and they were biting at the bit to get this out this year, so, we just accommodated them...Jimi was a kid at heart - he definitely would have played these games". Whether that's true or not is besides the point. Purple Haze, people. Purple. Haze.

Exclusive: Hendrix Comes to Guitar Hero [Rolling Stone] [Pic]

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Their are on the right track to make me actually think about buying GH:WT, now we just need universal instrument support. I have too much room dedicated to storing Plastic instruments in my house already. I have a PS3 so the Guitars Don't cross GH to RB.

so I have

2 PS2 guitars

1 Fender RB Guitar

1 drum

1 LesPaul GH3 Guitar

1 mic logitech

I don't need any more plastic peripherals.

Plus I have to store My real instruments somewhere. I want the new RB ion drums so I wont need an electric drum as well because they double as a stand alone Electric drum set.