Jesus Christ, Nintendo, Sephiroth Is Going To Get Someone Killed

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Screenshot: Nintendo

Sephiroth has been in Smash for like 34 seconds, and already, he has nearly got both Mario and Princess Zelda killed. This is wildly irresponsible!


Considering we’re only a year removed from Smash killing Luigi (Rest In Peace), you would think Nintendo would have been more selective with their roster selections going forwards.

But nope, here they go inviting one of the most ruthless villains in video game history into the series, a guy with a huge fucking sword and a proven track record of murdering beloved star characters.

I mean, look at this! This nearly went very badly!

Screenshot: Nintendo

Or this! Just some asshole falling out of the sky to almost murder the namesake of the Zelda series while she’s having a nap.

Screenshot: Nintendo

Very sloppy, Nintendo. Please vet your Smash roster updates more carefully going forwards.

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Blade of Change

Smash fanbase: No more anime sword fighters.

Sakurai: *adds Sephrioth* how bout I do... anyway?

Fans: ...fuck it where do we pay?